I am a graphic artist and I also teach visual art and graphic design to 7th through 12th grade students. I enjoy teaching and helping students find their own style.

My personal artwork is inspired by weird and wonderful music, travel, fashion, film, art, and people.

I began collecting records in the late 90's, then focusing on warm and jazzy, intelligent jungle. Album art has been a continual source of inspiration and has colored my artwork over the years. I still collect records and love many diverse styles like jazz, warm electronic music, West African jazz and soul, post punk, disco, and beyond!

I have lived in India amongst a thrilling abundance of sounds, smells, colors, and gods. The ritual, textiles, and architectural details I observed there have contributed much to my work. The psychedelic and mod era of the 1960's is a favorite era of design. Textile designers such as Emilio Pucci, Marimekko, and the graphics of Elio Fiorucci are perpetual sources of inspiration.

Growing up in the eighties, I lived a block away from a beautiful Art Deco theater called The Bijou in Hermosa Beach, California that played arthouse films. I spent many of my weekends there! I love film and two of my favorite directors are Aki Kaurismäki and Pedro Almodóvar. I appreciate the attention to detail in each frame, specifically the quirky use of texture, color, and music.

In short, the beautiful work of others compels me to create. My art comes from a place of love and I hope it brings joy.